The Passion and Crucifixion

The Last Supper

Oil on canvas. 82 x 126cm.

In this painting there are two levels of reality. One is Jesus and the Apostles taking part in the customary Passover meal. The second is the extra-ordinary and glorious nature of the institution of the Eucharist.

The wall hanging falls away to reveal back-lit stars, in whose light the clothing of Christ and the Apostles is transformed.

Christ looks out at us, meeting our gaze and drawing us into the scene to which we are all invited. The disciples are clustered round Christ as he breaks the bread. Behind him, Peter, with one hand on Christ's shoulder, the other holding the keys, and clutching John's shirt, asks Christ who will betray him.

Judas is on the far right, leaning on the back of a blue chair, dangling a money bag thoughtfully from his fingers. Meanwhile, a hand reaches through the chair grasping some bread, several disciples watch to discover to whom it belongs, and the identity of the betrayer.

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