Pentecost and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Oil on canvas. 210cm radius.

The Holy Spirit has burst through the doors of the room where the apostles have been hiding, and descends upon them as something like tongues of fire.

I have attempted to illustrate some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by showing one of the apostles raising his hand towards the Holy Spirit in silent prayer; another writes a Gospel; adjacent to him a disciple beckons the viewer into the scene in which we all have a share; one of them has been ‘hiding under the bedclothes’ in fear but now discovers the courage to peer out; Mary Magdalene impelled by the Holy Spirit to see to the needs of others, assists the frightened apostle out of his bed and into the light, by pulling away the bedclothes; the Virgin Mary, pointing to scriptures on a scroll sings the praise of God, along with three others and further accompanied by two more playing musical instruments in the foreground. (These I intended to suggest the creativity that comes from the Holy Spirit.)

Leaning over the balustrade, three disciples drop the fishing net by which they have hitherto earned their livings. This net is taken outside, to the waiting crowd, by a disciple, dancing with joy, as he begins a new life as a fisher of men.